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How can I get a photo edited by you?

1. Get permission from the original photographer

2. Send me the biggest photo, you'll need to ask the photographer nicely to send you the original file

3. Send me the original file

4. I do my stuff, I then send you a small copy with my watermark all over it, this is a good time to tell me if you want me to add or change anything, and once your payment has come through, I will send you the full sized image and voila!


Will a quality facebook photo do?

I would wish you to get your monies worth, and I cannot work details into a pixellated image, so the finished product would look terrible and a really unsuitable quality.  



Can I sell your edit as a print?

You can! But please ask me first as you will need to pay for the rights to the photos you want to use, this is because you are gaining money from work that I've produced therefore I am entitled to a share. 


Can we do shoot for shoot, retouch for advertising? (work for free)

I do not work for free. 


How do I pay you?

Photo shoots: cash in hand or paypal transfer before the actual shoot. 

Photo manipulations/ retouches: paypal transfer after I have sent you the proof image. 

For both of these services I have no problem with a half now half later policy, this will mean that you will get your product later.

Due to dropouts in photography, I have now added a £20 deposit (that will be removed from your final fee)


Where about's are you based?

I am based in England, UK- I can easily get to Cambridge, Norwich and London, and any other place in-between! Just inbox me and if there's a train there then it shouldn't be a problem. (Baring in mind you'll be paying for my transport)


Can I have the original photos?

I do not give out originals. No exceptions. If you want your photo edited differently - please ask.

Can you take photos of my cosplay?

I am no longer doing cosplay shoots external to conventions unless it's something I've personally planned. 

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